I Am Ready For Love

I am ready for love
The butterflies
The never ending bliss that pauses in the moments of temporary disagreements and resumes to get us through those moments of gloom
The ups and the downs
The I love yous said
The I love yous meant
The doubts shattered by moments that define true love
The moments that define our happily ever after

…I am ready for love…
I’m ready to take your hand and embark on a forever; our forever possible
I’m ready for a today that always has a tomorrow
I’m ready for two becoming one
I’m ready for two individuals that aspire to be everything they can be while inspiring each other to be everything they can be
I’m ready to spend forever with you

…I’m ready for love…
I’m ready to take your hand and journey together embracing life each day at a time as we discover life together
I am ready for love and the many possibilities it brings and I’m ready to share it all with you
I am ready for love


Thinking Of You

Eyes closed
Mind wandering
Thoughts of you fuel little reactions complacent eyes might never see
This heart skips a beat and my stomach becomes home to butterflies that flutter
Words are spoken with a cute little stutter
A smile appears
In this moment, these beautiful thoughts of you are the only thing that matter
I’m but a boy daydreaming and at night I’m but a boy wishing on a shooting star
Eyes closed
Mind wandering
I’m but a boy always thinking of you


My Mosaic Of Thoughts

I ventured out of bed today, a mind filled with a mosaic of thought and a heart filled with hope
Blah.. Blah…Blah
I can’t find love…
I want to find love…
Someday I’ll find love…
All that fucking emotional bullshit
Day in
Day out
A constant cycle of “I wants”…
An imagined picture of the perfect tomorrow
The fairytale happily ever after desired
Blah.. Blah…Blah
This picturesque picture of an ideal that may never be
This picturesque picture of an ideal that causes me to never experience that which is
The present
A present
The present day filled with so much to be thankful for
A today that fuels a tomorrow
A spark ignited by a simple hello to a fellow I’d usually have no interest in
You see, this love within has a mind of its own and no matter what happens love wins
One day this heart I’ll give to another, till then I might as well enjoy the sunshine and the rain….
Till that day comes I might as well stop to smell the roses and enjoy the little things
Blah. Blah. Blah… these are the thoughts in my head


It’ll Be Perfect

Most days I wake up wishing you were next to me
Morning breath
A drowsy hello complimented by a beautiful smile
Being next you is my desire
Being with you is a goal to which I aspire
My fairytale ending yet to be realized
My fairytale ending lost in a reality completely opposite but I’m hoping one day both will align…
It’ll be perfect
Despite the fights
Despite the disagreements
I’ll take your hand as you take mine
Love will be the driving force that keeps us together and happy for all time
The fairytale ending we’ve both longed for
The picturesque version of two being one
The picturesque version of two being imperfectly perfect
You and I could be
You and I should be the living embodiment of our happily ever after
The happily ever after that we’ve both hoped and dreamed about
Me loving this ideal personification of my desires and you the same
Me loving you and you loving me
… till then, I’ll wait for your hand so that I may give you my heart

©RoreyR – all rights reserved

Broken But Hoping

Buying happy from shopping carts
Searching for love in binary
A moment disguised as forever
Lust personified as tolerance
Tolerance perceived as love
Temporary happiness stretched thin
One’s future tainted by him
These walls they help me to pretend you’re nothing
Behind it all a heart lays splattered like glass broken
History repeats and here I am broken but hoping


3 Am Feels

Where do I start
I’m trying to write again
Inspiration is thin so every time I begin to write I get stuck
It’s 3AM and my thoughts run wild
I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody… with somebody who loves me
Emotions run wild and here I am with tears in my eyes and love in my heart to give
I’m overwhelmed,
Netflix is on and I’m a sap for love so here I am watching sappy tales of love at 3 AM
… fuck…
I met a guy and he’s amazing to talk to but I get attached so I’m shutting down
My mind does this thing where it creates a future based on a possibility and I ain’t got time for that
i try never to connect to my feelings anymore
life is a blur and in this moment my words are slurred and my thoughts are hazy
In this moment my thoughts are a chaotic dystopian reality as i am but a product of everything that is… 3AM thoughts fuelled by Netflix and alcohol

©RoreyR – All righta reserved

My Escape

There’s a place I go to
My escape from reality or rather my attempt to flee a life defined as real
A hypothesized fantasy in which I’m numb to reality
This escape is mine
Solace defined despite the fact I’m about to lose my mind
I’m a few drinks and a few pills short of losing all sense of time…
Inebriated… intoxicated
A prescribed high helps for this low
The hiding place I’ve come to be ok with
…There’s a place I go to
I hope that my journey there never results in an overdose…


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