Like tumble weeds
Round and around we go
Life is a cycle
One on a journey
Cycling through time
Round and around
History often repeats
Biking to a destination unknown
Searching for a predetermined ideal envisioned
Searching and hoping for something that may never be
Inhale, Exhale
Actions and reactions
A predetermined cycle
Like tumble weeds
Round and around we go
Chasing after a picturesque vision of what life should be

©RoreyR – all rights reserved

Chasing Dreams

I wish falling in love was like the fairytale stories told. Boy meets girl || boy meets boy || girl meets girl || two humans interact and fall for each other. Love personified by an ideal version of what their ideal love should be. I wish the guys I like reciprocated. I wish the boys I like initiated and invested in the possibility of us being more. I think I attract those who will never be attracted to me. Potential never seen; potential never explored… love evaded in the present because future possibilities seem more plausible… no one commits even if they’ve found someone that could be the one. I wish this weren’t the truth. Just once I wish the fairytale ending I’d hope for would come through…
maybe for some dreams come through. Maybe for me that may never be my truth…
only time will tell; till then I guess I’ll keep chasing dreams that may never come through.
©RoreyR – All rights reserved

Naïve hopes and dreams of a boy searching

Around and around we go and every time this happens I find myself hanging on to shreds of hope derived from arbitrary moments in time that were simply coincidental.
A desired future state imagined based on encounters with no true sustenance
A moment in time where the stars aligned and butterflies reined supreme as our eyes made four and our lips somehow kept on moving as our heart’s skipped a beat
Hearts and mind in sync like instruments being played in an orchestra
Moments in time shared
A heart helplessly falling as I grow fonder of you
Each special moment shared becomes a new piece of this heart given in hopes that this could be our picturesque happily ever after
Fairytale endings that never end in a fairytale ending or rather hope for just that
Hope for a today that always lead to a tomorrow
Hope for that ideal version of tomorrow made into a reality
Instead here I am left with a continued cycle of ups & downs derived from happiness misplaced by hoping that unsubstantiated moments in time will become more
…Naïve hopes and dreams of a boy searching for another hand to hold, forever…

Our Moments In Time

You and I
Never sidekicks
Just partners in crime
Two together forever
Moments shared
Moments remembered
Moments priceless
Yesterdays that shaped todays so that tomorrows could be possible
Two on a journey
Two pushing each other to be better
Two continuously falling in love
Two beings destined to be together simply because they chose each other


Fatal Flaws

I overthink
I fall easily
I give too much too soon
I often trust too easily
I forgive more easily than I should
I find it hard to let go
I project a desired future on encounters with no foundation that will probably never last and in the end I’m left with the worst kind of people… the ones who never stay…
I hang on to idealized possibilities that will never be
I wish it weren’t the truth but the truth is it is
I’ll often make excuses for those underserving
I ignore the signs
I hope and I hope and I wish upon a star
I blame myself for their mistakes
…These are my fatal flaws


Endless Tomorrow’s To Come

Truth be told I wish this was all as easy as the fairytales we see in the movies
That picturesque version of happiness made real by a scripted version of what I believe our happily ever after should be
Love personified with no flaws
Two beings finding nirvana in a moment timeless
Love personified…
Here I am hoping this fairytale is a vivid personification of my desires
You and I together
Like two peas in a pod… our future’s intertwined
Love sublime
Each moment spent with you is but a moment in time frozen to be forever everlasting; a moment recalled in memory years from now as if it were yesterday
… you are my everything…
You’re my yesterday, today, and tomorrow…
Pardon my sappy sentimental thoughts on love; shit; all I’m really trying to say is that I hope we get a chance at future dates that leads to something more than the superficial…
uggh! forgive my banter…
what I’m trying to say is “I hope we get to see each other for endless tomorrows to come”

I Am Ready For Love

I am ready for love
The butterflies
The never ending bliss that pauses in the moments of temporary disagreements and resumes to get us through those moments of gloom
The ups and the downs
The I love yous said
The I love yous meant
The doubts shattered by moments that define true love
The moments that define our happily ever after

…I am ready for love…
I’m ready to take your hand and embark on a forever; our forever possible
I’m ready for a today that always has a tomorrow
I’m ready for two becoming one
I’m ready for two individuals that aspire to be everything they can be while inspiring each other to be everything they can be
I’m ready to spend forever with you

…I’m ready for love…
I’m ready to take your hand and journey together embracing life each day at a time as we discover life together
I am ready for love and the many possibilities it brings and I’m ready to share it all with you
I am ready for love


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